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Step Start is the home base for founders, startups, and entrepreneurs to learn and share experiences and meet with investors. Startups get to participate in the Startup Basecamp, Mentor's Corner, Pitch Competition, and Investor Meetings.

Step Digital tackles the latest global trends in digital marketing, brands, advertising tech, and content. Brand Managers, CMOs, Influencers, and digital gurus take the stage, host workshops, and network to also meet startups in the digital media space.

Step X features the latest in future of transport and autonomous tech, smart cities, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and more. Telcos, city planners, automotive companies, and startups gather to discuss what life will look like by 2050.

Step Money brings together banks, payment gateways, processors, fintech startups, regulators and more to discuss the latest in financial technology, blockchain, digital currencies, payments, lending, and wealth management.