Futuristic Pepsi Smart Cart in Dubai

August 7, 2018 by STEP Conference

“The STEP conference has taken place for five years, but 2018 was the first time a driverless vehicle, namely the Pepsi Smart Cart, was piloting itself around the venue.” – Forbes

Pepsi launched it’s brand new “Pepsi Smart Cart”, an autonomously driven smart retail cart that moved around Dubai Internet City for two days of the Conference. 

This innovation showed us what future shopping looks like. The Pepsi Intelligence Center controlled the Smart Cart, it has sensor technology that can analyze real-time data using heat maps to track the location of larger crowds before directing the cart’s next move. So the cart will be sent to those locations to ensure everyone has a drink on-demand. The Smart Cart was moving around at multiple locations serving drinks, and here’s how it worked:

1.Scan the Smart Cart code using Facebook Messenger

2.Chat with the Smart Cart via a bot to select the snacks

3.Collect snacks from the Smart Cart dispenser 

In 2018, Pepsi made us travel to the future and showed us how shopping will look like. And Step Conference 2019 is full of similar innovative surprises!

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