Startup Spotlight: Nabta Health, STEP 2018’s Pitch Competition Winner

July 25, 2018 by STEP Conference

STEP Conference’s annual pitch competition brings together talents from all over the region to showcase their ideas to a panel of experts. STEP 2018 attracted inspiring startups from different industries such as health, fintech, adtech, and e-commerce.

Here’s how it works- startups from all over the region apply for the opportunity to showcase as part of the Startup Basecamp. According to specific criteria, we shortlist startups from the showcasing pool to participate in the Pitch Competition.

Out of the 200 showcasing startups at STEP 2018, only 25 startups were selected to pitch. Three startups were then chosen to continue to the final round; Letswork, Nabta Health and Humaniq. Each startup got to pitch for 7 minutes and answer the judges questions. Finally, Nabta Health; a Kuwait-based startup, took home the title of 2018’s Pitch Competition Winner.

Nabta Health is the first dedicated platform for women’s health in the Middle East and North Africa. It provides digital support services to women that mirror the concerns and challenges that accompany important events in their lives, including marriage, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Since winning STEP2018’s Pitch Competition, Nabta launched its application, Nabta Cycle, with a host of unique features for women from the MENA region, including the Hijri calendar and a fasting schedule to allow users to schedule missed fasting days. Nabta Cycle is available to download now on the App store and Play Stores

Sophie Smith; Co-founder and CEO of Nabta Health said “STEP 2018 was our first major victory, and a surprise one at that, and it will be remembered for these reasons more than anything else.” Following their win at STEP, Nabta has been invited to speak at the Achieving Women Forum hosted by Entrepreneur Middle East. 

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